Oh God Save Us! Here is a stock photo (which the baker claims is due to likeness) for illustration purposes since he is camera shy.
He dresses overly casual *face palm*, occasionally delivers Tata Pies and does not bite ……. if it’s not edible. He has a sense of humor.


He only wants to make nice food that gives us that yummy in the tummy.
Foolhardy and curiosity best describes his style , where the gourmets often wait forever
for the simplest items to be added on the menu because ‘this-is-not-the-one’.
Tata Pies is brought to you by a scratch crew of wife, mother, angsty teenagers, trio of toddlers, live-in maid,
kitchen equipment that are way too small, TNB (oven needs electricity) and Unifi that powers the Internet …… occasionally.
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